In 1993 Image House A/S started working together with the Danish Post to create sophisticated solutions to deal with mail with inadequate postage and in 2005 IH Postal A/S was established. In the postal industy IHP's main emphasis and know-how is on revenue protection.

IHP Systems A/S is a software company based in central Copenhagen. We focus on computer vision and machine learning applications, where we bring the latest research and the latest technology into our development processes and in our projects. Machine Learning is used for a variety of applications where design and programming of explicit, rule-based algorithms is impossible. IHP Systems A/S offers highly qualified IT design and product development, with a focus on pattern recognition in the visual domain and construction of algorithms for processing large amounts of data.

Our independence as a company facilitates a clear focus upon our clients and their customers’ needs.

IHP Systems A/S is a part of Image House Holding A/S.

Image House Holding

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